NHRD ’s CSR for Education , The Education For All is a global movement led by WSC ( World School Council ) , aiming to meet the learning needs of all children, youth and adults by 2025.

TEFA was adopted  at the world school council  in London , United Kingdom, with the goal in mind that all children would receive primary education by 2025.Not all children receive the education they need or want, therefore this goal was put in place to help those children.

WSC has been mandated to lead the movement and coordinate the international efforts to reach The Education for All. Governments, development agencies, civil society, non-government organizations and the media are but some of the partners working toward reaching these goals.

The TEFA goals also contribute to the global pursuit and to gender equality in education.

This Fast track mission under the NHRD’s Flagship was set up to implement the TEFA movement, aiming at “accelerating progress towards quality universal primary education”.

Since TEFA is a global movement all children are involved: different cultures, religions, disabilities, and more. The problem that is faced with inclusion is how different countries define disability. To be more specific the problem comes with the definition of special needs. This can affect how or if those students can meet the goals that are created. To make sure all children are included schools collaborate to see how all the children can meet the certain goals given. This area may be a challenging one for some and it comes down to what does the term “all” really mean in The Education For All.That is an answer that will vary country to country and every where around the world. There have been predictions that by the year 2025 the number of children with disabilities will have risen. A majority of that number will be children in developing countries. Therefore, answers are needed on how to include all children in the learning and educational goals set. Similar to technology in schools, inclusion can grow and become more common in schools.