The global green cover has been rapidly decreasing over the past decade. India itself has lost tree cover of 16 lakh hectare in the last 17 years. Forests are home to many indigenous species which are critical to maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. With fewer trees, endangered ecosystems, and the climate crisis looming large, we need to collectively make up for the lost green cover.

We are striving towards a greener planet with our large-scale regular tree plantation drives. Over the next 5 years NHRD World Wide will be planting 10 million trees globally. Through Mission Smarter Countries and Praanaadhara India Mission, a tree plantation campaign started in 2016, Moreover, tree plantation is a major activity for the river rejuvenation projects in India as trees help in conserving rainwater, a crucial process in recharging the water table. The activity not only helps in rejuvenating water bodies but also helps to rejuvenate air and soil

NHRDs afforestation Programme assists farmers to turn their unproductive land assets into profitable pulpwood plantations, using clonal saplings specially developed by NHRD Research and Development to grow in harsh conditions. Social Forestry is for impoverished farmers who are motivated to form Forestry Groups through which they get assistance, subsidised clonal stock as well as technical support and training. 

The Programme brings multiple benefits to multiple stakeholders. Plantation incomes are significantly higher, especially beneficial for poor farmers, helping them to step away from penury and deprivation. For Indian paper producers, the plantations create a raw material source that is local, renewable and responsible. They also contribute to expanding the green cover thereby enabling large scale sequestration of carbon dioxide, enriching depleted soils and replenishing groundwater.