NHRD Announces the  “Subsidized Housing Programme” in India under the PCSR 2021/25 Regime . This is a housing program for the PCSR nominees from both the Public and the Private sectors working with departments / organizations that are directly contributing to the welfare of the Society or willing to nominated for this program. The nominees nominated under this Program can avail dwelling units at a subsidized price under the ULSS program. They can choose the dwelling units based on their category and subsidy is passed during the purchase of the dwelling units . The subsidy and the allotment process is completely online and is based on merit .

Under this Program a one time subsidy is passed to the beneficiary upon the execution of the sale agreement / confirmation of the allotment . This subsidy is linked to the dwelling unit and is termed as the Unit Linked Subsidies . This subsidy is passed on the Base Price and shall not cover the premium charges , deposits / development charges and club memberships . 

The scheme is implemented as below.

The benefit of the scheme may be applicable to all beneficiaries nominated or applied for Exemption under Promoting CSR Category from both the government and the private Sector which includes the  Central and the State government employee  and affiliated institutions .

  1. The housing board under NHRD INDIA reserves 5% of the overall allotments towards the PCSR Regime 2021/25 nominations . These nominations filed under this regime shall be eligible to apply for NHRD Housing Subsidies . This reservation is over and above the 2% CSR funds which are allotted towards the welfare of the EWS Categories . 
  2. The Nominees applying under this program can be an individual from the Public / Private sector employees , an organization working for CSR and an Endorsing bodies nominating individuals . 
  3. All Nominees applying under the Frontline  and Health Care / Medical fraternity quota , who have contributed tremendously during this pandemic are prioritized under this regime . 
  4. The Program will be implemented across all the segments ( EWS, LIG , MIG and HIG ) as indicated in the table and the subsidy shall be passed based on merit .
  5. The subsidy shall be limited only towards the home construction / renovation of houses which are more than 25 years old and towards the purchase of the Villas / Flats from the listed affiliated projects and builders .


The Unit Linked Subsidy under the PCSR regime 2021/25 is a program formed to pass on the housing benefits to the nominees . In this Program, a one time subsidy is passed in the form of discount during the purchase of the dwelling unit .The beneficiary can avail the loan with the Primary Lending Institutions (PLIs) post the reduction of the
subsidy amounts as effective housing loan . The Unit Lined subsidy allotment process is completely online and is based on merit.