There shall be following categories of membership:
• Member Association
• Associate Member
• Overseas Associate
• Invitee Member

Member Association

Any State level Federation / Organization of Promoters and Builders and Real Estate Developers representing a State in India having at least two City / Town level Associations as its members being the founder member, shall continue to enjoy the status of State Federation.The exiting State level Federation (s) not fulfilling the above criterion, i
order to be considered as such, shall have to fulfil the above requirement within a period of six months, failing which the said Federation(s) shall automatically become a city / town level association.


Any City / Town level Association / Organization of Promoters & Builders and Real-Estate Developers in any place where there is no State level Federation in existence. Upon formation of the State level Federation, such a State level Federation will become the Member and the concerned city level association will cease to remain a
member of NHRD National upon which it will be a member of the new State level Federation.

Associate Member:

Housing Finance Companies, Commercial Banks and Financial Institutions having Activities in the field of Real Estate, Consultants, Association or Council or Organization having interest in real estate development activities, Professional Institutes/ Organizations/ Boards dealing with collection and dissemination of Information, Research and Development shall be eligible to be invited to become Associate Member .

Overseas Associate

Foreign Association or undertaking engaged in real estate activities may apply to become an Overseas Associate provided that the Governing Council Board may, at its discretion with the concurrence of not less than three-fourths of its total strength, relax or vary any of the qualifications for membership specified herein. A circular or letter duly signed by a member of the Governing Council Board expressing his approval or disapproval of the relaxation or Variation, as the case may be, shall be entered in the Register of Members.

Invitee Members

All members of City level associations shall be invitee members without having voting right.

Admission of Membership

Any State / City / Town level Association desirous of becoming a Member of the Confederation shall apply in the prescribed form to the Secretary and shall be proposed and seconded by a member of the NHRD and recommended by a Member of the Governing Council Board. Such an application shall be accompanied by a
Demand Draft in favor of “NHRD INDIA” towards payment of entrance fee as well as Annual Subscription.

How to become a Member

All associations of promoters and builders of real estate as well as associations of real estate developers anywhere in the country can become NHRD members. The membership is not open to individual developers or government or quasi-government organizations. All individual developers and builders can become members of the city- or state-level developer associations, which can in turn become members of NHRD INDIA.